New Product: Decaf Single Origin Brazilian Coffee

New Product: Decaf Single Origin Brazilian Coffee

We've been testing and tasting to get it right. Our single-origin Brazilian roast decaf coffee is now on sale. 

Single-Origin Decaf

Our single-origin decaf uses the same great beans we source for our usual caffeine coffee so it was important to us that we keep the complex body and tasting notes in our decaf version. 

This means we've been on a mission to find the most cost-effective way of decaffeinating the beans without losing the taste that makes Souter Bros. coffee so tasty. 

We've used the Swiss Water Process to create our decaf single-origin roast. This process only uses water to remove the caffeine. It keeps as much of the complex flavour as possible. 

Wholesale Decaf

We're also able to offer our single-origin Brazilian decaf to our wholesale customers. It gives independent cafes and hospitality businesses a better tasting decaf option for their coffee customers. 

Our family connections

Souter Bros is a family run business and this extends to the close relationships we have with the coffee growers. As we deal directly with the farm, they get a better price for their beans and we can still pass savings on to our customers. It means we can buffer our customers from some of the wholesale price rises we've seen in the industry. 

As our supply chain is short, we can be sure of the sustainability of our coffee, giving you the confidence in the ethics of your next decaf brew. 

Buy your next batch of decaf single-origin Brazilian coffee here. 

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