About Souter Bros.

The Souter Bros. come from humble beginnings, raised on the south coast of England, enjoying what nature and the village life had to offer. Whether it be catching lobsters after school to sell to the local pubs and restaurants or landscape gardening whilst at college,

The Bros. have always had a strong work ethic – instilled by their parents.

In fact, one of the Bros. also set up a sweets emporium at school, buying bulk in the local supermarket and selling on for quite a profit in the playground! No prizes for guessing which bro!

Stuey was very fortunate in his youth that there was a school trip to Brazil, which explored the city of Rio and the surrounding villages, often leading to coffee farms. Whilst Stuey hadn’t developed a palate for coffee (only being 13 years old!) at the time, the wonderment and appreciation of the day-to-day life on a coffee farm didn’t cease to amaze him.

‘Specialty’ coffee didn’t appear on the scene in our town aside from a few Costa’s and Café Neros so it was only in the years of our higher education in London, did we really take it seriously. Specialty coffee shops were blossoming in areas that you never would have dreamed of starting a business and every coffee house had their niche and the science behind their craft.

When Daniel was general managing in a restaurant, he was offered by a dear friend to visit his family in Brazil – which was on a coffee farm! Before Daniel, could even say ‘yes’, Stuey said it for him.

Somehow managing to get time off work, they booked their flights and went out to Rio for ten glorious days.

Their friend guided them around the city of Rio and took them to the places that only the locals tend to visit, before embarking up to Sul de Minas where they would spend the next week. They helped on the farm, enjoyed the countryside and falling in love with the family, coffee beans and the slower pace of life – reminding them of home (but with far better weather!)

Stuey and Daniel had a once in a life time experience. Learning the craft of growing and harvesting the coffee to roasting it for the locals down the hill.

It was there in the middle of nowhere in the high altitudes of Brazil, that they decided to set up their own family business, but working side by side with their new Brazilian family.