White label coffee - everything you need to know

White label coffee - everything you need to know

White label coffee is a great way to promote your brand. You don’t even need to be an independent coffee shop to have your own white label coffee. As long as you want to serve great coffee in your business, you can benefit from white label coffee.

How does white label coffee work?

White label coffee is essentially our great wholesale beans with your business brand on them. As far as your customers are concerned, they are getting a cup of coffee from you. This is a great approach for small independent coffee shops as it means you have another avenue to share your brand with your customers.

We sell wholesale white label coffee at our usual wholesale prices (you can find out more about our wholesale offer here). We send this to you in either blank packaging that you can put your branding on or we can put your branding on for you.

You get your shipment of sustainably sourced coffee beans that are roasted for the best flavour and off you go.

Why is white label good for business?

The chances are you have gone into business because you are great at hospitality, creating food and drink or both. You didn’t go into business to get into sales and marketing. Yet, building a small business needs a strong brand and good marketing to survive.

Getting your wholesale coffee on display in your shop or office with your brand on sends a consistent message.

Let’s say you’ve got a coffee truck that serves at markets and events. At some of these events, customers are going to have a choice of vendors. If everyone is displaying similar or the same coffee options, then the customer is going to start looking at price over flavour. Your business brand and position become lost with everyone else serving coffee - even if they don’t have the same training and talent as you.

If you’re displaying your own-brand coffee, you start to stand out. Your brand looks like it’s gone to more effort to bring a better quality drink to the event or market. You no longer get lost in the options and you are offering something different to everyone else. Ultimately you don’t want your business to be seen as average offering the same options as your competitors.

Getting good quality coffee in your brand is one way of supporting your business sales and marketing.

How much does white label coffee cost?

Our white label coffee is usually the same price as our wholesale coffee. Our prices are determined by order size and frequency so you’ll need to get in touch for a quote. We were once the single truck at the market so, we understand that for some businesses, minimum wholesale coffee orders can sometimes be too big for your needs. We can always work with small businesses to make sure they have the right amount of wholesale coffee for their needs.
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